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About Father David Johnson and JDDP

Father David Johnson, pastor of St. James church in Pamparomas, Peru, formed the development center called, Junta de Desarrollo Distrital de Pamparomas (JDDP). In English the title means Committee for Development District of Pamparomas

Since 1996, Father David’s development center, JDDP, has lobbied and received international funding for: two projects funded from the Canadian government, one from European Union, one from the Spanish Bishop’s Organization, two from the Belgium government ADG, and now a project from a group of Italian Banks, Cariplo.

With these projects, and in the spirit of the social doctrine of the church, we have struggled to identify and address the root causes of the unjust suffering of the rural Andean mountain farming families. We are still struggling to return to them the dignity that is theirs as a hard working agricultural people, who are on their way to restoring their relationship with their environment so that they can live a dignified life resulting from the production that their small farms can provide them.

We have also laboured and are labouring so that local, regional and national governments will legislate and realize projects in favor of the high Andean mountain farming families.

We are working so that these people are organized and can, in a progressive way, dialogue with the authorities and communicate and reach agreements that reflect the true needs of the farming families in the Andean mountains of Peru.

We also promote human rights, especially those associated with the indigenous peoples, women, and children.

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